Sonic Adventure... 3? (And Forces too)

Good whatever time it is, ladies and gentlemen,
This is the topic everyone likes to hear about, and not just because it could be one of the most controversial and cool Sonic video games, but because its origins are nostalgic for most people.
But I'm not one them. I was born years after the release of the last Adventure game, so the first Sonic game I ever played was the critics-criticised Sonic Forces
I really liked that game, but after reading the critics -which were extremely veridic, had the writer been a Sonic fan or not-, I started thinking if it was worth playing, since no one liked it.

Of course, it was, but at that moment, maybe due to the inexperience of life, or the fear of being ridiculized, I didn't realize it, and the following point is the one I liked the most about the game.
The gameplay: My sister thought the story was boring, but, in fact, it was pretty awesome.
I questioned her aphorisms, though. Her saying about the story gave me an unusual state of perplexity a…

Introduction to blog

First of all, I want you to stand up and stretch a little if you've been sitting for a prolonged time, or to sit down if you've been standing up for a while. All I want you to know is that your being relaxed and content is one of the purposes of this blog, along with the giving different opinions on the modern world and its effects on the culture, economy, and many other things of different countries. I like explaining objective things and providing new information. I also like the Sonic the hedgehog franchise, and I will post a list of some of thebmost influential people in this unique universe. I know this is a broef introduction, but at least you know now what I'm going to post about in the following notes. I hope you enjoy your being in here!

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